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Imagine asking 10 random people where a particular restaurant is and receiving the following answers:

Group A

Local SEO asking for location and getting different answers

Inconsistency results in low confidence, which decreases search ranking and risks lost business.

Group B

Local SEO Asking for location and getting the same answers

Consistency results in high confidence (and higher ranking) for consumers and search engine crawlers.

With Local SEO you get this…

We manage your local listings monthly and ensure they are properly set up to work with the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website to strengthen your overall SEO Value for your business.

How does it negatively impact your business if these listings are not correct?

This information not being correct can confuse search engines on what to believe, controlling how your business information appears online is a big factor in getting your business found. Think of it as all of these sites working together to strengthen your online footprint and keeping your information consistent.

On average your business information changes online every 6 days


  • Keep your information consistent across the web
  • Maximize your listings in the right way
  • Prevent your information from being changed
  • Update information when needed
  • Make monthly adjustments to have activity across the web


  • Update menu across the web for restaurants
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review management, we respond for you

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