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Knowing your options and setting expectations

A big part of what we do is to educate people on what being online is all about. Many people under estimate the value of being online or don’t know really know what to expect. It isn’t their fault though, there is so much information out there it is like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Stop Feeding The Gurus

Many of these “online gurus” or sales people make things worse by pushing a single piece of the puzzle that doesn’t really work or trying to sell a one size fits all solution to everybody. Another common occurrence is the “quick fixer”, the sales person that has the quick fix to your problem and is ready to sell you on it.

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Check out the iceberg graphic and then scroll down below it and read the information below it to get a better understanding of each option and what realistic expectations are of each.

Online visibility for your business

Your website is the most visible part of your online presence. This is what people see and think of your business, many times it is the first impression of your business. Your website is the foundation of all of your marketing efforts.


Social media allows you to hang out where people are, this is great for business to consumer businesses. Social media is a way to try and build a following for your business, this is easier said than done though.


Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a must for local businesses, this is the least expensive off-site SEO service and it has a great impact to help your business get found online.


Search Engine Campaigns are for businesses that want to be more aggressive with their online marketing and go after a greater market share. This is a great way to get ROI, it is more expensive though.


PPC is a more targeted form of online marketing and is not organic in nature, ideally you want to have a long term plan to wean your marketing efforts off of this and gravitate towards more organic marketing efforts.

Let’s Break This Iceberg Up!!

By breaking the Iceberg into pieces we can get a better understanding of each piece.

Websites Explained


A big misconception by many people is that if you have a website and it is “done right” with some tricks or coded the right way then you will out rank your competitors and win the race to the top of the rankings. These people typically get frustrated very soon if they don’t see their website climbing up in rankings they assume that this whole website thing is a waste of time and money, they don’t see the value.

First, the website does need to be properly setup with a strong Organic SEO Structure. Your website has to look good, navigate well and have good on-site SEO (this is the Organic SEO Structure).

Our solution

Website Setup

We properly setup the website so it looks good, navigates well and has a strong Organic SEO Structure (This is part of the MIY Service). We want to make as large of an online footprint as possible within your budget, the larger the better. This has to be done the right way though, with organic results in mind.

MIY Service

This is not an add on service or feature, this is what your website needs to have to be online. The MIY Service contains the three things that every online presence has to have to be live; a website, to be hosted & have a domain (or linked to one). Your can get more information about this service by visiting our MIY Service page.

Cost Involved

Website Setup Costs

The costs for setting up a website can greatly vary, it all depends on what the expectation is for what you want the website to do for your business and what the budget is you a re working with.

Monthly Costs

The MIY Service for the website is 39.99 a month. There are no hidden fees or charges, no “standing on my lawn” fees. Check out this T-Moble Lemonade Commercial to see what we are talking about. With the MIY Service you manage your own content while we take care of the nerd stuff that keeps your website running and safe on the world wide web!

Social Media Explained

Social Media

Social media is ideal for business to consumer (a.k.a. B2C) type businesses, it isn’t as easy as some think it is though. It really depends on the type of business you have as far as gaining popularity through social media. Let’s face it, people are more likely to be interactive with a restaurants social media account by taking food pics and group pics in the restaurant than they are of their recently repaired toilet. This doesn’t mean the plumber should walk away from social media, just means that they have to take a different approach.

Our solution


We offer a social media posting service that posts to your Facebook, Twitter & Google Page 2-3 times a day promoting your services, specials, events or whatever is relevant to your business. We create graphics for these postings as well. This amount of activity is good for your Overall SEO Footprint Online because we do it in a way that helps with SEO as well as communicates with customers.

Facebook Ads

We can target people in your area with Facebook ads and focus on certain areas depending on what your needs are at that time, this can be encouraging people to call you or it can be simply building up the number of likes your Facebook page has. Every business requires a different approach.

Cost Involved

Social Media Posting

Our social media posting service has a monthly fee of $249, this is a good fit for businesses that have a healthy marketing budget and don’t have the time to post to social media.

Facebook Ads

The costs for this is determined how aggression you want to be in your Facebook marketing, the monthly budget can be $300 and up.

Local SEO Explained

Local SEO

Most people are not aware that there is such a thing as Local SEO or they think that Local SEO is some kind of campaign that is implemented to drive visitors to their website. Local SEO is a great place to start for any business because it has a good impact for your off-site organic SEO and helps control your information online that is listed on other websites like Whitepages, Yelp, YP, and many more. This helps keep your business information consistent across the internet which in turn helps a lot with your Organic SEO.

Our solution

Local SEO Service

We evaluate your current local footprint online and diagnose anything that’s hindering your ranking in search results, we’ll register your business with Google maps so your listing appears for any local searchers, we will expand your listing across popular local directories, we will optimize your listings by including the necessary information that will work with your website to help get your business found online, we will update and refresh your directory listings each month to ensure that you are receiving maximum SEO Value.

Cost Involved

Promotional Offer

We are currently running a promotional offer that waives the setup fee (normally $199) and reduces the monthly fee to $99 (normally $249). This is a great service at the regualr price, at the promotional $99 monthly fee it is a super deal. The promotional offer will not go up either, as long as you keep the service going you will get the promotional price (no luring you in with a low price and then raising it on you).

SEO Campaigns Explained

SEO Campaigns

Many times people think that a SEO Campaign is a one size fits all package you can purchase to make your website rank better and that it is a simple thing, you spend money and your rankings go up. Unfortunately that is not the case, it doesn’t help that there are “SEO gurus” out there telling everybody they speak with that they can get them on page one. If it was actually that easy then Google would have to make page one a lot bigger to accommodate all of these businesses.

The truth is SEO is a very complex beast, Google has over 200 signals, or indications, to determine the relevance of a page to any given query. We don’t want to give you information overload here but if you would like to take a deeper dive into SEO Campaigns you can check out Winning the Google Race by Brain Power Websites.

SEO Campaigns are great for businesses that want to be more aggressive with their online marketing and want to go after a larger market share.

Our solution

SEO Campaign

For any site to be successful we have to focus on both on-site and off-site optimization. They are both crucial to rankings. We have tested what actually works in Google across many of websites over the years and our approach is strong. We do not offer cookie cutter SEO Campaigns with a one size fits all package, we build a custom campaign for each SEO Campaign we do. We adjust the campaign moving forward based on the results we monitor as we go, this is very important to having a successful SEO Campaign. Before we start any campaign we carefully evaluate your existing situation and from that point develop a strategy to achieve better rankings.

Cost Involved

SEO Campaign in Your Local Market

For a SEO Campaign targeting your area you can expect to start at $1,000 per month, a more aggressive campaign can be around $3,000. The budget is also determined by what your current situation is and the market saturation for your field, what the competition is like in your area.

National SEO Campaign

You can expect to start at $1,500 per month, a more aggressive campaign can be $10,000 to $15,000 a month depending on the market and the competition.

Pay Per Click Ads Explained

PPC ADS (Pay Per Click)

Many people think of PPC (pay per click) when they think of SEO, they often think that PPC is SEO. Wow, that was a lot of letters there, PPC is not SEO. PPC Marketing is internet marketing in which businesses pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. The clicks can vary in price, basically competing to see who will pay the most for a click. This form of marketing does not strengthen your Organic SEO Value.

Our solution

Strategy to Transition to SEO Campaigns

PPC has it’s place but nothing is better than Organic SEO, that is why we create a strategy to eliminate the need to purchase clicks and create a healthier Organic SEO footprint for your business.

Cost Involved

Highest Bidder Wins!

This comes down to budget, how much do you want to spend to buy these clicks? This is a custom solution that varies greatly in price because there is more to it than just buying clicks, you can expect a setup fee and a monthly fee that may start around $600 to $1,000 depending on the market and competition for what you are looking to do.

Website, Social Media and Local SEO Combination Explained

Website, Social Media and Local SEO Combination

Most of our clients want to start with the basics for their online visibility, this is perfectly fine in most cases. A Website, Social Media activity and Local SEO will typically be what will help businesses the most with their online visibility.

Our solution

Let’s Work Together

Most of the time with our clients after the website is setup we take care of the Local SEO for them and they are actively  engaged in their social media, this is the most cost effective way to get more out of your monthly marketing budget. By the business handling their social media (we will guide you on the how) and us doing the Local SEO this saves money for the business and gets the most value out of their money spent.

Cost Involved

Website Setup

Whatever the initial cost was for the setup of the website and the monthly MIY Service of $39.99

Social Media Posting

By the business actively involved in their social media posting there is no additional cost here, just time spent posting.

Local SEO

The current promotional offer for Local SEO is $99 a month, take advantage of this offer before it ends!

Note Worthy

We will discuss your goals and get to know your situation before suggest the best plan to take within your budget, there is no simple one size fits all solution for your online visibility.

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