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How it works

Our SEO service is so easy, you can count the steps on one hand.


First we learn about your business.

It all starts with a phone call. We’ll talk to you about your business, your goals (like if you’re targeting local shoppers or want to go global) and determine the best plan for your budget.


Then our team gets to work.

After researching your target market, your personal account manager will regularly update the code and content on your site to boost your results and maintain strong search results.


Sit back & watch your traffic grow.

SEO takes time. No one jumps from page 12 to the top spot on Google overnight. But clients who’ve made the investment have seen their search rank rise from 100+ to the top ten in less than a couple months.

checkmark  Covers all aspects of SEO, from keywords to content.

checkmark  Plans and pricing customized to your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the work that goes into your website to help you rank higher when customers search for your business online.

Get the “deets” (details)

What’s included.

Account Management

We review your website for the overall SEO value, this helps our team determine the most effective way forward. We will take into consideration the best keywords for your site, taking into account the products and services you offer, target locations (if applicable) and industry competition.

Our team will review your rankings on a regular basis and a report will be prepared either monthly or quarterly to review the results. We can also look for ways to expand your rankings with other keywords.

Onsite SEO Optimization

Our team will properly setup your website’s organic SEO structure to make a great impact for your overall SEO value, this is a very important and often overlooked step. This helps search engines connect your website with the keyword, making your page more relevant. Any changes made will be sent to you beforehand for approval.

To help gather and analyze vital SEO and traffic data, as well as any potential errors on your site, our team will install and monitor Tools and Analytics for your website.

Offsite SEO Optimization

Once your site has been optimized around your targeted keyword(s), our team will submit your site to search engines so they will review your site sooner.

We will correctly optimize key offsite accounts that are a strong factor in positively affecting your company’s overall SEO value. Our team will optimize all of the necessary information, that will help your organic listing by moving it up into local search results. We will insure your offsite information is consistent across all platforms.

One of the best ways to show search engines that you’re a knowledgeable, trustworthy source is to connect with other sites that are relevant to your keyword. Our system finds applicable websites, which are verified by individual members of our team. We then compose a short, unique comment with the relevant content and keyword and include a link back to your site.

The final step in off-site SEO optimization is for our SEO team to properly setup the relationship between your social media accounts and your website, we will create these accounts if needed. These serve as incoming links to your site, which is one of the ways search engines determine ranking. And since these are public, they can be viewed by other people and can draw their traffic to your site.

Content Creation

Our team will create short articles, usually around two paragraphs, that use your keywords multiple times and link back to your website. These blog posts impact SEO because they show search engines that your keywords are important enough to be talked about. Blogs also create a base of long-lasting links to your site.

Each post is written to be unique and relevant, and is reviewed for grammatical errors, quality and originality – we take great care here. All blog post are unique to the website they are created for; blogs are not re-purposed or used by multiple sites.

Articles differ from blog content in many ways. On a superficial level, they are much longer and your keywords are used more often, with more links back to you. Additionally, they are thoroughly researched and fact-based, which lends you a level of authority and helps establish you as an expert in regards to your keywords, which in turn increases your credibility with search engines.

Articles go through a similar review process as blogs, but instead of being published on our own network of sites, articles are submitted to popular and authoritative websites. These sites distribute content on a national level, giving your keywords and your business a wider audience.

“We do Search Engine Optimization how Search Engine Optimization should be done, with your business in mind”