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Website Design

Beauty is only skin deep. Good design is based on thorough research and yields tangible results. From responsive web design that delights your visitors to SEO that attracts traffic to your website, we design with style and substance. We create websites that are creative, attractive, and ready to impress every visitor, while capturing the essence of your brand. In short, we create websites that work for you and stand out from the crowd.

Our websites are attractive, but we understand that they also need to work well. Our websites are carefully crafted, and thoroughly checked before they are launched. This is the only way to truly make sure your website will work smoothly and efficiently while remaining free from bugs and problems. The loving attention to detail we put into building each site is what sets us apart from the competition.

Responsive Website Design

The mobile revolution is here. More than ever users are using their mobile devices and sales are skyrocketing daily. Get mobile-ready with responsive design for iOS and Android phones, tablets and many more devices to open up your online world to as many new customers as possible.

Interactive Web Design

Stand out from the crowd. Show visitors what you are made of with engaging interactive design. It’s a big world out there and attention-grabbing interactive web design is a great way to demonstrate what’s special about what you do. Our interactive designs are developed to offer visual appeal, ROI, user friendliness and superb functionality too.

User Experience

Maximize conversions and boost customer engagement with a Ux focussed website. We use a smart blend of market analysis, persona creation, user testing, userflows and extensive research to make your website as user friendly as possible. Wave goodbye to your high bounce rate.


Who are you? If you’re not sure, it’s time to start thinking about your brand identity. In the social media age no business is faceless. We help businesses to build their brand personality both online and offline, taking care of every detail from key brand messages and social media engagement to business cards and font sizes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimized)

We don’t believe SEO should be an add-on service. In order to work well, a site has to be found. If people don’t find your site and don’t see it, it will never get the chance to deliver value for your company. We pride ourselves in the way we combine solid SEO with creative design, putting the same passion into both of these areas when building a site. Many sites we’ve created have quickly found their way to the front page. When we design a site, we always build it to perform well in every way, including search engine rankings.

Mobile Device Friendly

We don’t believe Mobile Device Friendly should be and add-on service either. Look around you, their are a lot of mobile phone users these days. Every website we create is mobile device friendly, we wouldn’t build a car and sell the headlights as an add-on feature. 40% of people have said they turned to a competitors website after a bad mobile experience.

Support Options

We give you options when it comes to support. You can have us manage it for you or you can MIY, either way we have you covered.

We Manage Everything

This is the traditional way of website management. You are typically responsible for the domain name and hosting of the website, we set it all up for you though. If any changes need to be made you submit a change request to us and we charge you a fee for making any changes to your website. You can expect to pay around $130 annually for hosting and the domain name. When you submit a change request you can typically expect to pay $100 and up depending on the change request. The website will also need nerd updates such as software, security, platform & more. You can expect to pay $300 annually for these updates, that is a minimum of 2 updates a year at $150 each.

Estimated Expenses: Using these figures and estimating two changes per year your annual costs for this route will be around $530

MIY - You Manage Your Content

With this option you manage your own content, 24/7 availability. We set your website up with back-end access so you can go in to your website whenever you want to make content changes; change text and pictures on your schedule. We go to great lengths to make the back-end user friendly, we also provide a support center for you to log in to if you need to watch tutorial videos on how to use the back-end tools. You can also submit a support ticket on how to do something if you need help figuring something out.

The monthly fee for this option can be found on our MIY Service page.

What you get for this fee: Software Updates, Security Updates, Platform Updates, Hosting*, Domain Name, Support Center Access & Back-End Access built in to the website so you can manage your own content.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO, commonly known as Search Engine Optimization, is important for all types of websites. There are two types of SEO, onsite and offsite.
Onsite SEO is things we can do directly to your website and offsite SEO are the things we do off or away from your website to help drive traffic to your website.

Our SEO campaigns will increase the amount of traffic your website is getting, which will increase the potential for more business for you and help you rank better with local searches.

  • Some of the things we do are
  • Analyze your competitions websites to look for areas of opportunity for your business
  • What your potential customers are searching for when looking for your type of services or products
  • Build more links to your website and make sure Google is aware of them within days
  • Register for social media accounts as well as build followers, likes, social mentions etc. to those accounts
  • Automate unique content posting to your blogs and your social media accounts covering any topic at all.
  • Implement heat mapping technology for your website to see recordings of what your visitors are doing on your site.

We can provide your company with many SEO options to help your business succeed online and get an advantage over your competition.

We will take the time to discuss what you want to accomplish and match you with the services that we offer to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Simply put, we take the time to get to know your business so we can better serve you.

SEO can be an important part of your marketing if incorporated properly, we can take care of this for you.

Take a moment to schedule a telephone appointment with us so we can get to know your business and explain how we can help you.

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Be there when customers look for you online

Playing hard to get: good for dating, bad for business.

We help your business show up on the web.

Your next customer could be a click away, we make it easier for customers to find information

about your business online, including hours, contact information and directions.

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Digital Marketing

What makes us different?

Most email marketing and digital marketing websites/companies use your contact lists to generate a campaign, we focus on getting you new leads. Think of our way as a lead generating approach. We want to help drive revenue to your business with new opportunity.

We help clients drive higher sales productivity and other performance gains through digital marketing. This involves mastering multi-channel to generate distinctive and practical insights from digital sources as a starting point for clients to develop new contact strategies.

We design appropriate business models and map development pathways for new opportunities by combining insights from digital with an integrated customer experience approach. These new sources of growth can be new products and services or new forms of media that better engage and convert existing online visitors. We also design radically new customer experiences that drive more demand for our clients’ existing offerings.

We put great emphasis on your target market to make sure we fully understand the demographics of your desired customer/client so we can go after your ideal target market.

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Sell anything. Anywhere.

Whether it’s t-shirts in various shapes and sizes, music files or software, your time, or even affiliated products. It’s all possible.

When you set up your shop you can choose to offer free shipping or flat-rate shipping. If you would like to only ship your products to a specific country, we can easily configure these settings in your dashboard too.

Taxes, stock levels? You control it all.

Easily manage your digital or physical products with our intuitive UI, even assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management.

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3 Things Most Every Business Should Have

A quality business card is like a firm handshake.

Brain Power Websites Business Cards

Quality Business Cards

Love it or hate it, people use it.

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Social Media

We can help you stand out from your competition.

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Quality Website

Photography Services

Set your business apart with quality photographs on your website. We will come to your location and take professional onsite digital photographs of your business.

We offer onsite photography service in the Baltimore, DC and surround areas. Give your website an unfair advantage over your competition with quality photos!! Quality photos from your business make a huge difference for your website, we encourage you to take advantage of our photography service or have another photographer take photos for you. If you want to attempt to take photos yourself we will give you some pointers as well.

Our photography services start at $200 for a simple photo shoot of your business, this shoot will typically last an hour to an hour and a half depending on the location.


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