Now We’re Talking

With Mervin A Bourne, Jr. & Lolita E. Walker

Now We’re Talking

With Mervin A Bourne, Jr. & Lolita E. Walker

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Special Offer for Listeners/Viewers of Now We’re Talking

We are launching a new website in January of 2020 for budget minded small businesses needing a website but are giving the listeners of Now We’re Talking special access to the pricing now.

The idea behind this Affordable Web Design for small businesses is to give the businesses with lower budgets a chance to get a quality website at an affordable price. We will try and have more details on the show but if not we will post more details here.

Not every business will be a fit for this new web design website but we will schedule a call with you to see if your business will be a fit or not, most businesses should fit in to this category though so please feel free to get in touch with us to schedule a call to discuss if your business would be a good fit.

We will have a link to the episode once it is available.

Prices will varying depending on the business and what you are looking to do, we will give you a price below what the price will be listed for on the web design website when it launches.

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