Website Audit Summary

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Should have been right to begin with but needs to be addressed right away.


Should have been right to begin with but does have a negative impact on SEO.


Needs to be evaluated individually to ensure it is properly setup. This may or may not have a negative impact on SEO.

Audit Report Explained


This Site Audit Summary report is generated to show where a website is deficient in important technical areas. It does not address other very important factors of a website like visual impact, content quality in regards to SEO (search engine optimization), navigational flow, and other important areas that should be correct on a website.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

There are over 200 signals Google considers when ranking a website, this report shows some of the important factors on your website that have a strong impact on how your website will be ranked. It is not as simple as going through and making these things right, it has to be done a certain way and chances are if it was not done correctly the first time it will not be done correctly again if done by the current people handling this.

Pouring water into a bucket with holes.

Your website is the hub for all of your marketing efforts, it is important that things are done correctly. If things are not properly done you are potentially wasting money. Think of your money spent on any marketing, your online and offline efforts, as water being poured into a bucket. If that bucket has holes in it you are watching your money leak out without even realizing it. This is why your bucket (Website) needs to be done correctly in all areas.

Your online footprint.

Your online footprint needs to be properly setup as well, your website is a big piece of this puzzle. We can help to ensure your online footprint is being managed properly.