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We employ the latest internet security techniques to ensure your website is protected from all types of security risks, including; brute force login attacks, malicious attacks, database security attacks, and much more. Nothing is 100% so even with these precautions it is possible for malware to have an impact on a website. Because of this, we do not offer any kind of guarantee that we will be able to keep malware from penetrating our security measures and having an impact on your website.

If the malware is a minor issue and we are able to resolve it with our tools then we will do so and the incident will be resolved. If something like this happens we place the website on a special monitoring list where we keep a closer eye on it to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again. There are a number of reasons why we do this, one of them is because websites are in a shared environment so if we don’t take malware threats seriously one can potentially have an impact on all websites in that environment.

Severe Malware issues can result in us having to completely rebuild your website on a new server because we may be unable to migrate the website using the traditional tools and everything has to be redone manually so the malware isn’t migrated along with the website. If we have to go to this extreme there may be an additional charge for this work, this fee would be determined by the complexity of your website and the level of difficulty in doing the work. This is not a money making opportunity for us, this is unwanted work that interferes with our regular work because it gets top priority. This type of event is not good for anyone.


A website can be blacklisted for multiple reasons. A website that has malware over a period of time that is being used to create links to nefarious websites in an attempt to give them credibility is a common one. Our regular malware scans and up to date security measures make this unlikely. Another possibility is the website domain has been flagged for being spammy, sending out too many solicitation emails can do this.