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Too Busy To Update Your Content?

What do we mean by manage your content for you?

If you are too busy to manage your own content using our MIY (Manage It Yourself) Service we can manage your content for you. You are able to manage the content for your website yourself because of the MIY Service, but in some cases business owners don’t want to do it themselves or don’t have the time. We can update your content for you in these cases. You simply let us know of the changes you would like made on a specific page and we can make those changes for you.

What are the benefits of having us manage your content?

The most obvious benefit is you can tell somebody else to do it so you don’t have to, us! It is easier to have somebody else do something if you just don’t want to do it or if you are too busy to do it. We can go in and quickly make changes and usually the same day of the request.

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How does this work?


Blocks of time are pre-purchased (our current rate is $25 per block of 15 minutes) for us to work from. You use the button below to purchase the blocks of time in advance, you can talk to us about the amount you should purchase depending on your needs. Once your blocks of time are purchased we credit your account with us for the purchase and after we perform the content updates we email you balance remaining on your blocks of time. When we work from blocks of time we work in 15 minute minimums, meaning if the update takes us 10 minutes to do one block of 15 minutes is used. If the content update takes us 20 minutes to perform we round down to a 15 minute block, we do it this way so we keep it as fair as we can using the blocks. In many cases we don’t even use a block of time if we are able to perform the content update at an ideal time for us and it is a quick and simple content update. If we do the content update at no charge we do let you know that your block of time was not used and is still available for future use.


After you purchase the block(s) of time you will want to submit the content update request. You can do so by email us at support@brainpowerwebsites.com and in the subject line of the email include ‘Business Name: Content Update Request’. In the email be sure to include which page the content update is being made on and very specific instructions, as if you are talking to a child. The reason for this is so we don’t have to figure out what you meant by your request or what you were thinking, this takes more time and could involve back and forth communications before the change is made. So to make things as efficient as possible please be detailed in your instructions to save time and avoid any miscommunication.


If you would like to have us manage your content on a regularly monthly basis we can do so. For an example, if you had monthly specials on a page and needed us to update this monthly we would reach out to you ahead of time asking for the next months specials. This would give you time to send us the information we needed for the specials and gives us time if we need to create any images or graphics for the page. The better notice we have ahead of time the better prepared we can be.

How does this compare to other places?

Most other web design companies typically charge in one of two ways. They charge a higher monthly fee and give you a certain number of change requests each month for that fee. The down side to this is if you don’t use those number of requests you have available you still pay the higher monthly fee, you would be paying for something you are not using. Another way they typically charge is you submit a change request and they bill you for the work involved at their current hourly rate and typically have a one hour minimum. So if the updates take them 15 minutes you pay for an hour, people just don’t realize it because they assume they are getting billed for the time spent and not a minimum of an hour.

Ready to Purchase Your Blocks?

Simply use the button below to make your purchase of blocks of time. We limit the purchase to a maximum of 4 blocks to make sure people don’t over purchase, if you require more blocks because of the amount of active content updates for your website we can send you an invoice directly.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase the blocks of time, look for the option that says ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’, it is typically located below the more noticeable button or near it.

After you make the purchase you will be directed back to this page. When you are ready to submit your content changes email us at support@brainpowerwebsites.com and refer to the section above ‘Submitting Change Request’ before sending the email.

Thank you and pelase let us know if you have any questions.

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