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Website Consultation - Listening


We start by listening to you. It’s the simplest and by far the most important step in the entire process. By listening and learning about your business, we’ll be able to create a website that’s uniquely yours.

Let’s talk about your business and what makes it special.

Who is your target audience?

Do you have an existing website?

What do you want your website to do for your business?

What do you want your site to look like?

What features are important to you?

Who are your competitors?

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Once we collect all of the information we need to learn about your business and what is important to you, we present you a solution in an easy to understand format that will incorporate the features needed to help your business succeed online.

Planning Process

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SEO Research

SEO (search engine optimization) RESEARCH

This is the work that gets your website found, this part is so very important but so often other companies skip this part or just partially do it. We conduct local SEO competitor analysis and SEO industry analysis to determine the best organic structure for your website; one size does not fit all.

What is SEO?  Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural”, “organic,” or “earned” results. Simply put, it is process that gets your website found.

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After learning about your business and what is important to you we will build a website that will incorporate the features that will help your business. During the process we will be in contact with you to gather additional information to get your website where it needs to be!!

We will start by building out the framework and navigation of the website. The way your website navigates is so very important; this has to be done with purpose or you will lose visitors. Once we build the framework and the navigational structure of your website we start on the visual aspect for the web design, this is where things start to get fun!!

Design Process

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Just wanted to point out that our visual process is the last part of our build process, so many times others jump to this first. We want your website to succeed so we make sure that it has a very strong foundation before we build the visual. This means your framework, SEO, navigational flow and other key elements will be strong before we make the site look awesome. As with anything else a good foundation often goes unnoticed by most but is the key component of success.

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The design is complete, now it’s time for launch!! After you approve the final draft of the website and all adjustments are made we are ready to launch your new website for the universe to see!!

3,2,1…Blast off!!

Launch Time

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Websites Approval

What Now?

We aren’t going to launch your site into the stratosphere without great support. What if you want to make changes or add content to your site? We offer an affordable support option. We want your focus to be on what is most important to you, your business.

You do what you do best and let us focus on the nerd stuff like keeping your website up and running without issues. We give you support options to fit your business needs.

We will take care of the: Hosting, Domain, Software Updates, Security Updates, Platform Updates, Back-End Access to Manage Your Own Content and so much more. Learn more about our MIY Service.

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We are in it for the long haul

We have your back, our MIY Service takes care of your website and keeps your attention on your business. We even have a support center to help when needed. We look forward to earning your business!!

We Have Your Back

“We do web design how web design should be done, with your business in mind”