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Why website security is so important.

Is your website at risk?

The short answer is yes, websites are under attack every day. Once your website is “on the list” of being hacked you will be under attack on a regualr basis. It doesn’t take much to get on the list, the attacks are not looking for any certain type of website. Obviously websites that have information an individual hacker may wan then it can be directly targeted, these type of websites are ones that store large amounts of personal financial data for individuals.

Will you know if your website is infected?

Most of the time you will not know that the website is infected because the malware doesn’t want to be detected. The malware is designed to be hidden because your website staying operational is more of a value to it. The only time you will know that your website is infected is when something goes wrong or there is a conflict with the malware and your existing software. Think of malware as a parasite, living off of the host.

“My older website doesn’t have any malware issues” is a comment people make sometimes, but the truth is just the opposite. Older websites typically don’t have the proper security to defend against malware and are easier for malware to penetrate. With the way older websites are normally made it is much easier for malware to stay hidden and not cause visible issues with the website.

What are the negative affects malware have on your website?


Your website could infect others that visit your website. The malware may be on your website to infect your visitors computers so it can then try and steal their information or install ransom type software on their computers where it locks the computer down and asks for payment to unlock it.


Your websites SEO is at jeopardy because your website is being used to generate SEO links that benefit another website and your website can be punished by search engines by being blacklisted from searches because your website is flagged as a “spammy” website.


The malware can crash your website as a result of software conflicts, the malware doesn’t care if your website crashes because it is looking for quantity and not quality so their software is designed to take the risk of crashing your website because it will replace it with more websites.

Why does malware infect your website?

Many people think their websites are attacked because somebody makes some malware just for the sake of crashing website, that could not be further from the truth. Malware is typically created to generate a financial gain for another website.


Some malware wants to infect your visitors computers and steal their financial information so they can go after their financial accounts and take their money.


This is the most common reason and in most cases is more lucrative for the attackers. The malware will use your website as a host to try and direct your users to other websites, these industries are typically fashion, gambling, porn and others. Some times these links are visible and sometimes they can’t be seen because they are trying to hide the links so they will not be discovered and use what is called “link juice” to benefit the attackers website.


In many cases the beneficiary of the attackers efforts are legitimate businesses that paid a company to conduct an SEO Campaign for them to help drive traffic to their website and they are unaware that the place they hired to do this work are getting good results by doing what are called “Blackhat Methods” by purchasing this type of link creation and malware tactics to benefit the other website. Their can be short term gains from this for the legitimate business but they will most likely get penalized from the search engines once it is detected that this is being done.

What should you do to help your website security?


The most obvious answer is to have a website from Brain Power Website, visit our MIY Service page to see what is included with our monthly service. We take security serious because we know the number of attacks that go on every day, that is why we make it included with our MIY Service and not an add-on or an after thought.